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City Island 5

Grow your town to a city on multiple islands!

About this project

Engine Unity/C#, JavaScript & PHP
Platform(s) Android, iOS, UWP, Amazon (Deprecated) & Mac (Deprecated)
City Island 5 is a free to play mobile game centered around building up your city and unlocking new islands.

This is the first game I've worked on as a teamlead, and also one of the games I'm most proud of. As a teamlead I manage the team, making sure they all have what they need to be able to do their jobs efficiently. I'm also the main contact point from the team to the product owner. Basically it's my job to make sure the dev team keeps working smoothly. I was honored to be given this position after my internship at Sparkling Society.

Other than that I also still work as a developer. City Island 5 is built in Unity, so that means lots of C#. But besides that we also uses GameSparks for a lot of our online functionality. This means I've worked a lot in JavaScript as well. Lastly we also use a lot of PHP for other kinds of web backends, so I've also worked a lot with that.

I've worked on this project from the start and I'm proud to see how far it has come in the meantime. We have over 14 million downloads on City Island 5 Android alone! And that's not the only platform we've released on. Because of this game, and others I've worked on for Sparkling Society, I know have experience with Android, iOS, UWP, Amazon and Mac.

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